To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything! Julie Newmar

From time to time, I’ll add a movie review here. I’ll review what I think to be less known movies. Well, here’s the first.

To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything! Julie Newmar :

A movie in which Wesley Snipes, Patrick Swayze and John Leguizamo portray three drag queens who get stranded in a small town where people think that they are women. The plot is unrealistic to say the least however it’s a ball to watch these three macho actors we’re used to see in action movie as drag queens.

All three actors are extremely fun to watch but especially Swayze and Leguizamo outdo themselves. After watching this movie I realized how good of an actor Swayze really is. Leguizamo is also very realistic as he portrays a flirtatious and naïve latina drag queen. Watching this movie, I felt that they really got in touch with their feminine side. I believe that everyone should watch this movie especially homophobes.


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Firefox Addons v2

An update to my favorite Firefox add-ons and some other tools I’ve found to be useful:

These add-ons are mainly aimed for web development and debugging mainly bit not limited to mobile devices.

First off I’ve started using Live HTTP Headers. As the name suggests it lets you see the http headers. Now why would anyone want to do that you may ask. Well debugging is the answer. Sometimes when you are trying to access third party servers you may not understand what’s going on. Maybe it just hangs. Well looking at the http header allows you to see exactly what is going on with the request being made and the responses received or the lack or responses etc.

Another interesting application to this end is Charles. Charles is a HTTP proxy that allows one to delve really deep into the http requests. Unfortunately Charles isn’t open source. However, it is certainly worth the 50$ if you do much debugging.

Enough with http headers..

Web Developer is also a great bundle that adds many a tools for (you guessed it) Web development. Also available for Chrome.

Another multi-platformer is YSlow . Which is mainly used to gauge the speed of web pages. It also gives suggestions and displays some cool statistics about a page. So basically it tells you why a page is slow hence YSlow oh and of course because it is developed by Yahoo!

What else…

So I have been mainly developing pages for Webkit or to be more specific for the iPhone and Android which use Webkit  browsers natively. Although Firefox exists for the Android, it isn’t nearly used as much as Webkit browsers like Chrome or Safari. So I’ve been using Safari and Chrome (Mainly Safari) for most testing. I do as always revert to Firefox for a more in-depth analysis of the pages or for developing the http headers as I mentioned above. O.K. I’ve been digressing from the subject. What I was trying to get to with this is that sometimes one needs to develop a web-app or a website for a specific device or a set of specific devices with specific displays and one wants to test what the pages will look like on a few different resolutions in some easy way (Mobile developers out there, are you getting my drift?). For situations like this there is a useful add-on for Safari named Resizer. Basically it does what the name suggests, it allows the user to resize the window to specified sizes with a click of the mouse.

So that’s it! I hope that al least some of what I wrote was useful. Please leave a comment if you want to add anything or disagree with anything. It will be much appreciated.

Until next time…


disclaimer etc. Image pretty much copied from http://www.mobilemarketingwatch.com/ which was found by a simple image web search


My Favourite Firefox Add-ons

I use the following two browsers when I can: Chrome (which I keep as light weight as possible) mainly for its speed and Firefox for its functionality.

I recently updated Firefox to version 4.0 and had to update add-ons so that they worked better with the newer version. I’ve thought of sharing my favourites for some time, and what better to do it after a major update like this so here goes, my favourite 10 add-ons for Firefox, 5 for browsing and 5 for web development: Read the rest of this entry »


Cool Open Source Object Tracking Software

This is a cool technology I came across and wanted to share. Just think of the possibilities that it can be used for. Check it out:

You can also try it out for yourself, download the source code and view the wiki here.


Skynet was supposed to go operational tonight.

In the series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Skynet was implemented on April 19, 2011 and will begin its attack against humanity on April 21. This is an alternative timeline to the movie Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Although we won’t know if this will become a reality untill tomorrow :P , James Cameron twitted “Skynet was supposed to go operational tonight. Instead of machines taking over, we have the very real threat of global warming.“. You can read his tweets at http://twitter.com/#!/JimCameron


I saw it coming!

`Wal-Mart purchasing Kosmix for undisclosed sum – Yahoo! Finance. I saw it coming! I had an interview here a short time ago to become a full-time software engineer. In the end they decided to go the way of a hired gun for the job. Before the second interview I looked up the company and what they were up to. I wonder if postponing my interview for that skiing trip had any repercussions. Hindsight!.. Read the rest of this entry »


APIs – 3151 of them and growing

I came across this list of Web 2.0 APIs and I just had to share it. This extensive list includes anything from a semantic search engine to a cloud computing management or texting (SMS) APIs. The list is huge and its growing all the time. Why just this week they added 25 new ones. Anyone looking for the latest and greatest in APIs or Mash-ups must be introduced to http://www.programmableweb.com/ You can add your own API too if you want to it to get it out there. This site is just a great reference guide and I can see many an architect or free spirited developer browsing this site to get ideas and inspiration for their next project.


Midlake – A Progressive Folk Band

A short recollection of how I found out about the band Midlake and their song Core of Nature:

Album Cover of Midlake - Courage of OthersI was stuck in rush hour traffic trying to get home, listening to the radio when this song started to play. I realized, after a few seconds, that this was different from anything I had ever (or at least for some time) had the pleasure of listening to, though it did sound familiar in some strange way. I really liked this song. It was soothing, melodic, good vocals, yet full of instrumental beauty. I started looking for a pen so I could write down the letters on the car stereo’s screen: “AKE – CORE”…* ‘ Come on! Where’s that friggin pen? Hmm, better pull over… “E – ROCK F” …* ‘Yeah ok rock fm I know which channel I’m listening to. What’s the name of the band and the song?’ So I pulled over, humming “Into the core of nature, no earthly …something something…” and continued my search for the elusive pen. Unfortunately I was unable to find one in time a new song had started. ‘Darn! I missed it!’ so I tried to etch those words into my brain by constantly repeating them. Two songs later and all I could remember was something something nature something. Read the rest of this entry »



PTRACK logoPTRACK is a project tracking application I helped develop with teammates for a software development project during my masters. It was developed with software companies in mind but may be used anyplace where there are multiple projects going on at the same time with multiple people working on those projects. Its main aim is to help you manage your projects while giving you the ability to keep a watchful eye on all aspects of each project. To read more go to my PTRACK page under Projects & Papers.


Loved – A Platform Game

I came across this game while idly browsing the web. Loved is a flash-based platform game that truly engages the player. It is a short game based on a simple concept with simple graphics and sound effects, so nothing special. Or so you would think as I did when I started playing. But after the first click of the mouse one realizes that this game isn’t one of those flash-based games out there that are all the same. It is as the author says ‘confrontational’. It reminds me of the 1987 movie Running Man and ID software’s Portal series but with a sadder twist.

Everything fits together perfectly in this game. The eerie music coupled with the basic sprites and pixellated graphics fuel your imagination. Where games like Call of Duty or Gran Turismo strive for realism, this game goes the opposite direction leaving everything up to the imagination. Don’t get me wrong I like realistic simulations just as much as anyone but it really is refreshing to see something new and imaginative like Loved.  It just goes to show what a great designer can do with the right idea, some time and effort. I was really impressed by the emotions that the designer Alexander Ocias was able to evoke with this little game. I don’t want to give too much away but suffice to say that you will understand what I’m talking about when you respond to the first question the narrator asks you. Oh! One more thing: Play it again when you finish it, but this time, do the opposite of what you did in your previous run.

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